Manufacturing Price Quotes - Custom Parts and Assemblies

If your mission involves finding the cheapest bolt or rubber washer on the planet we're probably not the answer. However, if you're shopping a built-to-order part and are intent on striking that fine balance of price, precision and stable product flow, you're at the right place. RFQ LINE is in the unique position of being able to offer an objective assessment of your part or assembly. Whether your component is in the concept, critical design or build phase we can offer valuable input from the factory floor. If you're shopping an existing part or assembly we can save you time and assure you that only the most qualified potential vendors are looking at your prints. Or, if you need cost inputs for a new project bid, we'll put forth the most competitive pricing that we can.


Our process begins once we’ve received your inquiry (RFQ). An RFQ can be created and uploaded via our Get Quote page. Upon review, the most suitable potential suppliers are identified from within our group of affiliate manufacturers. At this point the basic criteria to be met includes having the proper production equipment, available capacity and any required quality control certifications. Multiple production approaches may be considered in order to minimize cost - casting vs. forging. Ultimately we’ll submit that proposal which appears to offer the best overall value to the customer. It will be presented on our affiliate supplier's quote form with terms, conditions and lead-times clearly and completely stated.


If our proposal proves to be advantageous and further action is warranted, we’ll put the gears in motion. Over and above the quoting process, we provide full customer support for the life of the project. From facilitating factory audits to sample part submissions to order fulfillment, we serve as a single point of contact, readily accessible as needed.

Introducing a new vendor into your supply chain is time consuming and poses definite risks - we know, we've been through the process many times. When it becomes necessary, RFQ LINE is here to ensure a smooth implementation . The quote that we put forth represents the "best" from within a select group of suppliers. Over the last 20 years we've helped both start-ups and major OEM's achieve a number of critical objectives in an increasingly competitive global marketplace. How can we help you?