Machined Parts Suppliers

RFQ LINE supports 70 machined part manufacturers. Our diverse group of machining companies allows us to quote a wide range of custom components and assemblies. Suppliers of ready to assemble parts at competitive prices from ISO9000, IATF 16949, AS9100, FDA and MIL-STD certified machined part manufacturers. From micro-machined components to massive turned parts.

machined Fuel rail fittings

machined Fuel rail fittings

Screw Machine Parts

Single and multi spindle bar-fed screw machines. Operations include threading, cross-drilling, knurling, milling, slotting and broaching. All grades of steel, aluminum, brass, copper, exotic alloys and plastics. Diameters to 6”. Custom fittings, posts, inserts, bushings, shafts, terminals and screws. Part suppliers to all tiers of automotive, medical device, electronic and aerospace companies.

Precision Swiss Parts

High precision Swiss machined parts held to very close tolerances (+/- .0005"). Diameters from .002". Miniature parts include pins, inserts, terminals, shafts, specialty screws, stand-offs and valves. Process equipment includes Stars, Escomatics, Tornos and Citizens. Part suppliers to medical device, electronic, aerospace and defense companies.

CNC machined parts

CNC machined parts

CNC Machining

CNC Milling, turning, grinding and drilling. 3-5 axis CNC milling centers produce machined parts of the highest complexity. Our turning centers include multi-axis horizontal, vertical machines and lathes. From rapid prototyping to 3-shift production cycles. Machining stock includes bars, plates, blanks, castings, forgings and stampings. Aluminum, steel and most alloys.

Rotary Transfer Parts

High volume, complex parts. Our Hydromats have live tooling and are fitted with up to 16 stations. Parts can be machined from blanks or bar stock. Diameters to 1.77" and lengths to 6". Operations include burnishing, drilling, tapping, cut-off, turning and milling. Parts efficiently dropped off complete to print. Fuel rail fittings, valves and shafts.

large turned industrial parts

large turned industrial parts

Large Turned Parts

Turned metal parts up to 76.00" diameter and lengths to 120.00". CNC boring mills with up to 96'" x 96" x 54" size capabilities. Finishing operations for metal castings and forgings. Lathe machines up to 60" x 200". Multi spindle screw machines able to process up to 6.00" bar stock.  Part suppliers to mining, rail, heavy equipment and petrochemical companies worldwide.

Other Processes

Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM) -capable of holding tolerances to .0001". Prototyping for high volume production parts. Electrochemical Grinding (ECG) - burr-free/heat-free cutting of delicate, complex metal parts. Water Jet Cutting - no heat cutting. Process capable of attaining accuracies down to 0.005″ and repeatabilities down to 0.001″.

We monitor the cycles within each of our machining companies. Updates on production schedules, open capacities and newly adopted manufacturing technologies allow us to invite quotes from only the most qualified part suppliers. We pursue a synergistic buyer-seller alignment. A win-win scenario means low cost, short lead-times and stable product flow. Put us to work for you.