Metal Stamping Suppliers

RFQ LINE supports over 40 metal stampers. Our diverse group of stamping manufacturers allows us to quote a wide variety of custom metal parts and assemblies. Our companies supply stamped parts to automotive, aerospace, agriculture, construction, HVAC and electronics OEMs worldwide. Parts range from complex, miniature electrical lead frames to large steel panels.

High volume four slide stamped clips

High volume four slide stamped clips

Four-Slide Stampings

Low cost process for manufacturing custom clips, brackets, springs, hinges and electronic contacts. Metal thickness from .003". Cold rolled steel, brass, copper, stainless steel, aluminum & titanium stock. Stamping rates up to 10,000 parts per hour. Complex, high volume parts from strip and wire stock.

Heavy Gauge Stampers

Stamping presses up to 2500 ton. Suppliers of custom brackets, braces, industrial hardware, panels, covers, plates and automotive suspension parts. Secondary operations include welding, coating, drilling and machining. Stamped materials include cold rolled steel, stainless steel and most alloys.

Lead frames - progressive die stamping

Lead frames - progressive die stamping

Micro Stampings

Round, square and flat wire Bandolier pins. Press-fit and compliant pins, plated connector pins and lead frames for insertion and over-molding into semiconductors, electronic interconnects, telecom and computer systems. We are meeting the most complex challenges in stamping.

Metal Fineblanking

Fineblanking produces precise, low cost metal parts with superior flatness and clean edges. Presses to 600 ton. Blanked parts include metal sprockets, automotive seating, brake and exhaust parts. Stock includes carbon steel strips, stainless steel, aluminum and copper alloy. From .005" to .750" thick.

Deep drawn aluminum lighting cans

Deep drawn aluminum lighting cans

Deep Draw Stampings

Stampings drawn to 18" deep with thickness ranging from .005" to .250". Manufacturers of custom enclosures, containers, lighting cans and covers. Tolerances as close as +/- .005" and corner radii to .002". Drawn metals include steel, copper, brass, aluminum, Monel, titanium and Hastelloy.

Stamping Assemblies

Turnkey suppliers of complete, metal assemblies. Custom brackets, supports, enclosures, cabinets, lighting and HVAC assemblies. In-house secondary operations include plating, drilling, riveting, tapping, machining and welding. Cold rolled steel (CRS), galvanized steel, aluminum and most alloys.

We monitor the cycles within each of our stamping companies. Updates on production schedules, open capacity and newly adopted stamping technologies enable us to invite quotes from only the most qualified metal stampers. We pursue a synergistic buyer-seller alignment. This win-win scenario means low cost, short lead-times and stable product flow. Put us to work for you.