Custom Molded Plastic Part Suppliers

RFQ LINE supports 25 plastic part molders. Our diverse group of plastic molding companies allows us to competitively quote a wide range of custom plastic parts and assemblies. We are suppliers to automotive, medical device, electronic, agricultural and consumer goods OEMs, contract manufacturers and distributors.

Injection molded plastic parts

Injection molded plastic parts

Injection Molding

Our presses range from 6 - 1200 ton. Processes include single and double shot injection molding, over molding, insert molding and SLA prototyping. Turnkey insert molding services. Competitive prices on single and multi cavity molds. We can mold most any thermoplastic available - PP, PE, ABS, nylon, polycarbonates, engineering grade materials.

Thin Wall Molding

Thin wall injection molding requires shorter cycle times which lowers cost. Part thickness to less than 0.025 inch (0.62mm) with a flow length to wall thickness greater than 200. Class 100,000 (ISO Class 8) Clean room plastic molding capabilities for medical device and container applications. Suppliers to aerospace, automotive, electronics, solar & alternative energy companies.

Thermoset molded plastic caps

Thermoset molded plastic caps

Thermoset Molding

Strong, rigid, insulated plastic parts that hold their shape in high temperature environments. Molded materials include Bakelite, phenolic, epoxy and urea. Suppliers of automotive caps, housings, electrical enclosures, levers, switch bases, spacers, appliance knobs, lighting bases & covers. Plastic insert molding and assembly. IATF 16949 certified automotive suppliers.

Transfer Molding

Transfer molding produces a good surface finish and dimensional stability. This process is widely used to enclose or encapsulate items such as coils, integrated circuits, plugs and connectors. Ideal for plastic parts with metal inserts. Other applications include utensil handles, electric appliance parts, electronic terminals, switches and connectors. IATF 16949 certified automotive suppliers.

Blow Molded medical vials

Blow Molded medical vials

Blow Molding

Extrusion, injection and stretch blow molding. Our molders are capable of manufacturing a variety of hollow parts that include bottles, tanks, containers, seating panels and drums. Molded materials include ABS, PVC, PETG, EVA, polycarbonate, polyethylene (HDPE, LDPE, LLDPE) and polypropylene. FDA registered clean room molding (Class 100,000).

Plastic Insert Molding

Single-step process where an insert and molten resin are placed in a mold together to combine two parts. Inserts are typically metal parts which we can source for you. Insert molding requires very tight tolerances to ensure correct orientation of the two parts. Applications include electronic connectors, sockets, medical instruments and devices, hand tools, gears and knobs. Robotic, clean- room molding services.

We monitor the cycles within each of our plastic molding companies. Updates on production schedules, open capacities and newly adopted molding technologies allows us to invite quotes from only the most qualified suppliers. We pursue a synergistic buyer-seller alignment. A win-win scenario translates to a low cost, short lead-times and stable product flow. Put us to work for you.