Metal Casting Suppliers

RFQ LINE supports over 35 casting foundries. Our diverse group of manufacturers allows us to competitively quote a wide range of custom metal castings. Suppliers to automotive, heavy equipment, off road, aerospace and electronics companies worldwide.

automotive die castings

automotive die castings

Die Castings

Complex shapes with a high degree of accuracy and repeatability. Die Castings can be sharply defined, with smooth or textured surfaces. Tolerance as tight as +/- .005” out of the die. Casted parts include transmission cases, housings, brackets and all types of structural metal parts. Suppliers to automotive, aerospace and medical companies.

Sand Castings

Our manufacturing processes include green sand, air set, cold box, no bake and vacuum molding. Sand casting is a good fit for mid to high volume quantity requirements. This process is suited to larger parts (25+ lbs.) Materials include aluminum, zinc, magnesium, cast iron, ductile iron & many steel alloys. Casted parts include flanges, fittings, pulleys, wheels, gears, rods and valve bodies.

investment castings

investment castings

Investment Castings

AKA lost wax casting. Ideal for smaller production runs. Intricate parts with undercuts, smooth surfaces and no parting lines. Investment casting utilizes most castable metals including aluminum alloys, copper alloys and steel. Suppliers to aerospace, power generation (turbine blades), heavy equipment and automotive companies.

Permanent Mold

AKA gravity die casting. This process is typically used for high-volume production of small, simple metal parts with uniform wall thickness. Non-ferrous metals are typically utilized, such as aluminum alloys, magnesium alloys, and copper alloys. Typical castings include pipe fittings, gears, splines, gear housings, pistons, impellers, mounting plates and wheels.

aluminum die castings

aluminum die castings

Aluminum Die Castings

Hot and cold chamber die casting with machines ranging from 40 to 2,500 ton. Die castings from several ounces to over 150 pounds. We cast parts to or near net shape with superior surface finish. Secondary operations include machining, drilling, tapping, plating, coating and assembly. Our foundries can meet any high volume demand.

Machined Castings

Our casting foundries offer a range of finishing operations that include machining, polishing, plating, heat treating and e-coating. Suppliers of ready to assemble castings. Secondary machining operations include milling, broaching, drilling and tapping. Our machining companies can perform finishing operations on customer supplied metal castings as well.

We monitor the cycles within each of our casting foundries. Updates on production schedules, open capacities and newly adopted casting technologies enable us to invite quotes from only the most qualified suppliers. We pursue a synergistic buyer-seller alignment. A win-win scenario translates to low cost, short lead-times and stable product flow. Put us to work for you.