RFQ LINE helps OEMs and Contract Manufacturers find optimal suppliers for their outsourced parts and assemblies.


Factory-direct manufacturing quotes from industry leading custom part suppliers. Whether you need budgetary cost inputs for a new product or assembly build, are shopping for cost reductions on an existing part or need to confirm to what degree your design is production-friendly (DFM analysis), we offer you a single point of inquiry into a select, controlled base of leading part manufacturers. We keep the process simple. No registrations, no logins - just get us a print and we’ll go to work.


From complex, micro-machined parts to 5,000 pound castings, our affiliate suppliers are among the best in the business. We can help you determine the optimal process approach. Could your costly machined part be more economically formed in a heading die?

Our plastic molders cover the entire process spectrum. Class 100,000 clean room molded medical parts to large blow-molded industrial containers. Vendors to all tiers of the automotive, medical, consumer goods and agricultural industries.

Molding standard materials such as Urethane, Neoprene, EPDM, Viton, Nitrile, Butyl, SBR, natural rubber as well as custom compounds. We are suppliers to all tiers of the automotive, agricultural, heavy equipment, aerospace and medical industries.

We’re not a manufacturing clearing-house where the lowest quote advances by default. If you’re in the purchasing arena you know all too well about the added cost of production delays, non-conforming parts, surcharges, volatile tariffs and expedited shipping over vast distances. The all-inclusive quote that we submit reflects a part finishedto print”, properly packaged and delivered to your dock - No last minute add-ons.

We're glad that you found us. Unlike the numerous cyber-based quote aggregators that come and go, we are directly involved throughout each and every step of the quoting process - and beyond. We've actually been on our supplier's factory floors and in front of our customers. You'll find us to be a valuable resource that can be drawn upon in a variety of situations. Apart from the quoting process, we provide a conduit into the expertise of some of the most innovative manufacturers around. Whether it's just a quick question or a formal cost proposal, we're just a click or call away.

Need a quote? It couldn't be easier – just upload your print. NO registration, membership, contract or fee.